Training Requirements for Researchers and BASE Users

1.) General Employee Radiation Training (GERT): All personnel at the 88-Inch Cyclotron are required to take GERT, which only takes a few minutes and can be found here.

2.) Building 88 On-The-Job Training (OJT):  All personnel are required to take Building 88's access training (NSD 439) before card-key access and unescorted building access is given. The training slides can be found below, and these must be viewed prior to your arrival at the Cyclotron for the hands-on portion of the training  (BASE users are also required to complete NSD 440, found at the end of the training slides below). Upon arrival, the Control Room Operator will provide hands-on training on dose rate meter use and cave search and secure procedures. 

3.) Radiation Worker I Training (RW I): Anyone participating in 88-Inch Cyclotron experiments will need to complete Radiation Worker I. Researchers handling loose radioactive material or entering high radiation areas will also need Radiation Worker II training (RW II). 

4.) 88-Inch Cyclotron Technology Control Plan (TCP): All personnel performing work involving Export Controls and *all* BASE users are required to read and comply with the 88 TCP.

5.) Additional training may be required depending upon the type of work being performed. Your supervisor, Principal Investigator, or 88-Inch Cyclotron staff will assist you in ensuring that these training requirements are completed.

Bldg 88 OJT.ppt