Shipping & Receiving

To ship equipment to the BASE Facility, send it to the following address (EXACTLY as written to ensure it doesn't get held up at Receiving!):


Mike Johnson  (3rd Party / No PO)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

88-Inch Cyclotron

1 Cyclotron Rd, Bldg 69

Berkeley, CA 94720

A few notes about our shipping process (READ THIS!):

-All radioactive material MUST go through our rad shipping process. No radioactive material is permitted to ENTER or LEAVE Berkeley Lab by any other means. We can not ship radioactive material to you unless you have a valid radioactive material license.

-All equipment shipped to or from Berkeley Lab goes through our shipping and receiving facility, located in a different building. To ensure your equipment arrives in time for your run, plan on having delivered to the Lab two business days prior to when you actually need it. 

-Make sure the address on your shipment is the EXACT name and address listed above, or shipment will be delayed while our Receiving Department looks for a (non-existent) purchase authorization!

-To ship your equipment home, either bring your own pre-printed shipping paperwork OR provide us with your name, address, phone number, and Fed Ex account number (by email to or by sending this form to our Admin Office). Our shipping personnel will call for the pickup.

-YOU are responsible for ensuring your outgoing equipment is boxed, taped, and banded as necessary. Ask the 88 Administrative Office for the location of packing and banding supplies. All equipment that can be hand-carried needs to be left by the front roll-up door (across from the vending machines) if you want it to leave. Heavy items can be craned down by our machine shop staff upon request. 

-We typically ship equipment out within the week following the experiment, however this can be expedited if needed.

Please direct all shipping questions to our Admin Office via email at

Shipping Form for outgoing equipment and parts